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We have tried and tested all of the other websites that offer free Instagram followers and can confirm that none of them work, if your going to go elsewhere don’t bother as your only going to get hacked or scammed, we wasted hours completing surveys on other instagram websites only to find that we was wasting our time. Right now you might be thinking the same about this website, go on give it a shot i’m sure you wont be disappointed, if you want assurance be sure to read our testimonials and checkout our comments page.

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We can guarantee that you wont be leaving our website without a pretty smile on your face, we have hundreds of daily customers and not a single one has left without a smile, yes some people do run into problems but our support team are always there to help. Our dedicated support team work around the clock to keep all of our clients happy and satisfied, if you run into any problems don’t hesitate to contact us or if you require faster support please leave a comment. We usually respond to comments within the hour and emails within 24.


Instagram is the largest photo sharing network which is growing on daily basis, it reaches millions of hits a day and is only going to get bigger. In order to get noticed your going to need plenty of followers and that’s where we come in, FollowMyProfile will make you and your profile famous. We have a system that can deliver all your desired followers within 24 hours, nobody will notice that these followers are free as all the accounts we send are real and active users. Are you ready to become Instagram famous? Get started by entering your username in the box provided.


Enter your Instagram username in the filed provided below and use the slider to select how many followers you want, if you want a drip-feeding option please make a selection using the drop-down box, when your sure everything is correct click the submit button, please ensure you have the @ tag in front of your username otherwise the system wont find you. 


If entered username is accepted then your profile will become visible, we will then begin the process of getting your followers ready, you will be presented with a loading bar while we find the most active followers for you. After everything is done loading you will have the option to share our website, if shared we will add an extra 10k followers to your order.


You may be required to complete a human verification process to finalize your order, this consists of the user completing a short free survey and shouldn’t take any longer than a couple of minutes, if you are wondering why you have to complete a survey please read our why surveys page, when the survey is completed we will begin the process of sending your followers.


Want to know more about our awesome followers? We’ve kept it simple for you, all the facts are listed in bullet points below.

  • FAST – We strive to deliver your followers fast with a delivery time of just under 2 hours!
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  • FREE –  Well i’m pretty sure that this one is self self-explanatory, everything we offer is free and wont cost you a dime.

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WOW!! This website is absolutely amazing, when the followers started coming though I couldn’t believe my eyes let alone when my pictures started receiving likes too! I’ve been searching how to get free instagram followers for such a long time now and I’ve finally found the site. Cant believe it – I’M FAMOUS!

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I’ve been looking how to get more followers on Instagram for ages but I’ve had no luck, I came across this website and it looked too good to be true, I selected 500 followers just to test the system and I can confirm it worked very well! I don’t understand how you guys can give out free followers on Instagram but i’m not complaining, once again thanks guys!

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At first I didn’t believe this website was real as I’ve been tricked many times before, Nevertheless I thought i’d try it anyway,  I selected 10,000 followers and completed a quick survey to my astonishment the followers started coming through within 10 minutes! I’ve been tempted to buy Instagram followers in the past but with a service like this there is no need to, thanks FollowMyProfile!

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Frequtnely Asked Questions

We get asked the same questions on a daily basis, we have added this section to make it easier for you and our support team!

Why are you giving all these followers away for free??
Back in 2011 we had a Instagram business in which we sold followers to the public, our followers was of the highest quality and they are active real users so we paid a little bit more than the usual Instagram business, as time went on other Instagram businesses started taking over leaving us to crash so we was stuck making little to nothing. We had to close down, after we closed we was stuck with thousands of followers, for once we decided to give something back to the community so what better than giving away FREE Instagram followers?!

Could my account get banned from using this service?
  Absolutely not! We guarantee that your account will remain safe and unbanned while using our service, We deliver our followers in a way which does not break Instagrams terms, we’ve been making people famous since 2010 and are happy to say not a single customer has been banned from our service!

Why surveys?
   We get asked this question at least 5 – 6 times a day so we’ve made it’s own page, you can find out all the information you need right on this why surveys page.

I have a question which hasn’t been answered!
  Not to worry, we have a dedicated support team to help you with any questions you may want to ask, if you want a quick rapid reply we would recommend that you leave a comment, however if you question is a bit more personal and requires unique advice we would recommend you contact us here.

Will my pictures also receive free Instagram likes?
Of course, as we’ve already mentioned all our followers are real and active Instagram users, this means if you have pictures and people think there good, they will receive a real like.

What Makes FollowMyProfile The Best?

We are the real deal. You may have tried and failed to get followers at similar sites, but we promise you that with us you will get the exact number of followers in the package you have selected. Here are some of the unique and special features that set us apart:

  • We are effective

    Unlike the other sites out there, you will actually get the followers you want on our site. We have hundreds of thousands of people operating real accounts who are ready to follow you at a moment’s notice!

  • Our followers are real

    The followers you will get on your account are not computer bots. They are real people. This means they can engage you when you post anything interesting. Therefore, if you upload that sexy photo you have been itching to get online, they will definitely like and comment!

  • Completely free

    The massive following you will get from us is totally free of charge. You pay nothing for it! How is this possible? Find out in the FAQs below. We are keeping this service FREE for the near future as we continue to explore the best revenue options to sustain the site. Whatever option we choose, you can rest assured that you will always get free Instagram followers on Followmyprofile.com.

  • Safety

    It is a known fact that many sites that claim to offer services like ours are fake. Some will claim you have to download some program which will only end up harming your computer or stealing your personal information. We are different! You don’t have to download a thing, and your username will not be shared with any third party. Also, our servers are hosted on a very secure platform that has not experienced any hacking incident since 2008.

  • Multiple packages

    We used to offer only one bulk package in which we delivered followers once within 24hrs. However, we came to realize that this was not good for our clients. It made it look as if they had paid for their followers. It is for this reason that we pioneered the drip-feed method through which you can get new followers over whatever number of hours or days you choose. In this way, your previous followers won’t suspect a thing about your newfound popularity!

As you can see, we are a trendsetter in providing clients with active and genuine free Instagram followers. Get famous NOW! Start by typing your username in the space provided above!