Why do I have to complete a survey?

We have created this page to explain everything about surveys and why you need to complete one in order for us to send your Instagram followers.

Why do I need to complete a survey?

We use surveys as a human verification process, you may be thinking what the hell is that?! A human verification process makes sure the user is a human and not a robot, we have a big problem with robots visiting our website as they are claiming all the Instagram followers, our website is not going to be around forever and these robots are killing the life of our website and there doing it fast! Without the surveys we had thousands of robots a day but with this new feature implanted we barely get a handful.

Can’t you just use a captcha code?

For those who are not familiar with a captcha code it is a simple process to stop bots, please see a picture here. Don’t you think we tried using this? for the first couple of weeks we tried using a captcha code but somehow bots was still breaking past this process. The only way we could stop 100% of these robots was by using a survey, we know this is annoying and we do apologize but at the end of the day you are getting your followers for FREE!

What is a survey?

Surveys can be used for a handful of things and one of them is to stop robots, most people use surveys to collect information for there business but not us, FollowMyProfile have found a unique way to stop 100% of bots by using them. Completing a survey normally consists of the user filling out some information such as there name, email and sometimes your phone number, you will normally be submitting this information to enter a draw or to win some sort of gift card, so it’s a double whammy really! This is a normal process and you have nothing to worry about. If you are viewing our website using a mobile device the surveys may vary, the most common survey for a mobile user is downloading some sort of app and installing it to there device, don’t worry you can remove the app straight after.

Please note you may have to open the app and play around with it before the survey is marked as completed.